Welcome to the 2021 Shedunnit Pledge Drive! The goal has been met, but you can still contribute.

This is a completely independent podcast, written and researched just by me alone. I’m able to keep it going like that in large part because of the Shedunnit Book Club members, who through their contributions give me a stable allowance to spend on all the costs associated with the show. Please see below for the benefits of membership and how to sign up. If you have any questions about the club or difficulties signing up, you can peruse the FAQs or contact the Book Club’s membership co-ordinator Connor McLoughlin on connor@shedunnitshow.com for more information.

During last year’s pledge drive, we smashed my 100 member target in less than half the time. Because you supported me so enthusiastically, I’m now able to bring you the special weekly mini series, Queens of Crime at War, complete with its own original music, that I hope you’re going to really enjoy. I would like it to be a taste of what’s to come for Shedunnit: if we can once again hit that 100 new member target by the end of the year, I’ll be able to embark on more projects like this as well as improving the quality of the podcast overall.

Everyone who signs up during the pledge drive will get access to a couple of exclusive audiobooks I’ve made of my favourite early lady detective stories, plus the chance to gift a membership to a friend at no extra cost (this offer expired when the goal was met on 15th November). All the details on how to join are below.

Pledge Drive Progress

We’re aiming for 100 new members by the end of 2021. So far we’ve added 100.

0 100


Here are all the ways you can take part:

(prices are in GBP but will convert to your currency on your statement when you’ve checked out)

The Amateur Sleuth: £5 a month or £50 a year

You’re a fully-fledged member of the Shedunnit Book Club. In addition to the warm glow you get from knowing you’re keeping your favourite independent podcast on the air, you will receive:

  • access to the secret members-only Shedunnit forum
  • initiation into the book club — we read and discuss a different detective novel every month, see a full list of all books read so far here
  • two bonus episodes a month: one about the book we’re reading, and one featuring never-before-heard interview tape that had to be cut from the main show for length
  • each episode of the main podcast 24 hours early, free of advertising or interruption
  • an invitation to the monthly watching party, where Caroline hosts a stream of a whodunnit film or TV episode and runs a live chat for members
  • A 10 per cent discount on Shedunnit merchandise and live shows

Click here to join now for £5 a month.

Or sign up for a whole year (£50) and get two months free.

The Seasoned Detective: £25 a month or £250 a year

All the benefits of the Amateur Sleuth tier, plus the following additional benefits that are only available at the higher level:

  • A monthly audiobook of Caroline reading a detective short story to you (plus access to the full library of audiobooks as it grows)
  • Access to a Seasoned Detectives Only area of the members’ forum to propose new audiobooks for Caroline to make
  • Access to the Holiday Book Concierge Service, in which Caroline is available during December to provide custom recommendations as you’re gift buying for loved ones. Send in what you/they like to read and she’ll tell you what to read next
  • A 30 per cent discount on Shedunnit merchandise
  • Early access to Caroline’s future projects, including the pre-order incentives for her next book, invites to book launches and live shows, and so on

Click here to join now for £25 a month.

Or sign up for a whole year (£250) and get two months free.

Give a year’s membership to a friend

Any membership level can be given as a gift.

Make a one off donation

— There’s information on how to do that here.

Spread the word about the podcast

— Not everyone is in a position to make a financial contribution, and that is very much OK! But if you’d still like to be part of making the pledge drive a success, tell your mystery-loving friends about the podcast or post about it social media. Leaving a review on platforms like Apple Podcasts is also a really good way of spreading the word.