Let It Snow (Replay, Ad Free)

Snow is a very powerful tool for a detective novelist. It can create a sinister atmosphere, keep suspects and murderer stormbound, and preserve the footprints of anyone who dares to escape. What could be more seasonal or festive than that?

This episode of Shedunnit first aired on 11th December 2019. Caroline is currently recovering from Covid; the next new episode will be in January 2023.

Mentioned in this episode:
Murder on the Orient Express (1934) by Agatha Christie
Hercule Poirot’s Christmas (1938) by Agatha Christie
Mystery in White  (1937) by J. Jefferson Farjeon
Silent Nights: Christmas Mysteries  (2015) edited by Martin Edwards
The Sittaford Mystery  (1931) by Agatha Christie
The Nine Tailors  (1934) by Dorothy L. Sayers
“The Erymanthian Boar” in The Labours of Hercules  (1947) by Agatha Christie
An English Murder  (1951) by Cyril Hare
Death and the Dancing Footman  (1942) by Ngaio Marsh
Three Blind Mice and Other Stories  (1950) by Agatha Christie
Stairway to Murder (1959) by Osmington Mills
There Came Both Mist and Snow  (1940) by Michael Innes
The Sad Variety  (1964) by Nicholas Blake
Blood Upon the Snow  (1944) by Hilda Lawrence
The Slype (1927) by by Russell Thorndike
 Hangman’s Holiday  (1933) by Dorothy L. Sayers
Groaning Spinney / Murder in the Snow  (1950) by Gladys Mitchell
The Case of the Abominable Snowman (1941) by Nicholas Blake
1222 (2011) by Anne Holt
The Snowman (2007) by Jo Nesbo
Whiteout (2011) by Ragnar Jonasson

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