Become a member of the Shedunnit  book club, and you’ll not only be ensuring the long-term future of the podcast, but also joining an amazing community of like-minded detective fiction fans. As well as getting to read and discuss your favourite novels with Caroline and the rest of the club, you’ll also get extra podcast episodes and other bonus content. (We may also get badges in the future.) There are two membership levels:

£5 a month or £50 a year

At this level, you’re a fully-fledged member of the Shedunnit  book club. In addition to the warm glow you get from knowing you’re keeping the podcast on the air, you will receive:

  • each episode of the main podcast 24 hours before the free release, free of advertising or interruption
  • an extra monthly episode featuring never-before-heard interview tape that had to be cut from the main show for length
  • initiation into the book club — we read and discuss a different detective novel every month
  • access to the secret members-only Shedunnit  forum (where pictures of my dog are shared on a regular basis)
  • occasional bonus podcasts about the books we’re reading and the TV adaptations we’re watching

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Or sign up for a whole year (£50) and get two months free.

£25 a month or £250 a year

At this level, you get all the benefits of the £5 membership, plus a monthly subscription box delivered to your door containing goodies personally curated for you by Caroline. Including:

  • a rare or unusual secondhand detective novel
  • sweet treats
  • a handwritten note
  • a rotating selection of —
    • detective-themed postcards
    • badges
    • stickers
    • pins
    • bookmarks
    • maybe even a mug

Click here to join now for £25 a month.

Or sign up for a whole year (£250) and get two months free.

Other options: If you’re able to support the podcast at a higher level, you can join for £10 a month or £100 a year. The rewards are the same as the £5/£50 level, but a few people have asked how they can contribute more and this is the answer.

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