What is the Shedunnit Book Club?

The book club is a community that runs alongside the podcast, and the main way I’m able to support it financially. If you’ve ever supported a creator on Patreon or via Kickstarter, it’s a similar thing — except I’m not using a third party service so that I can put all of members’ contributions towards the show rather than having to pay fees.

What do I get as a member?

The full benefits are laid out here, but in brief: access to the book club forum, where we discuss a different detective novel every month, as well as bonus episodes of the podcast.

Why should I join?

If you already like the main podcast, joining the club is a way of getting more content. You will also be helping the podcast financially.

What if I’d like to contribute, but I don’t want to take part in the club?

That’s fine — you can either be a “silent member”, where you join but choose not to take part in the forum discussions, or you can make a one off donation instead.

Who are you?

I’m Caroline Crampton, the host and producer of Shedunnit. You can read my full bio here.